future of education


At my current job at UNESCO MGIEP, I was appointed as the lead to organize a seminar on the role of Artificial Intelligence for Social and Emotional Learning. My primary responsibilites were to design the event structure and flow, draft the critical questions to be discussed in the panels and find experts who could potentially answer them.

In addtion to that, I also had the opportunity to design the graphic assets that would define the look of the event.

I created the vector illustration of the brain and the network as a metaphor for our inevitable melding with technology. We're all quasi-cyborgs already.

Playfair Display, a serif font, was chosen for the header. Something as ancient as our present education system required a font that accurately conveyed that sentiment.

I chose the classic Futura for the rest of the text. It is a versatile font that fits titles and paragraphs,and does a remarkable job at accurately conveying the theme and tone of the event.

Amusingly, the archaic looking Playfair was designed in 2011, while the fittingly named Futura was actually designed in 1927.



Vector Illustration