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I am Vignesh and welcome to my playground. At the risk of sounding cliched, I dislike am intimidated by labels, so I try and avoid using them. But here you are, probably to know more about me.

Labels are quite effective descriptors on platforms like LinkedIn where a visitor is trying to quickly gauge what it is that someone is skilled enough at, that another would be willing to pay them for their services. But, in most other situations, I find that labels are counter-productive and instead prolong the "getting-to-know" phase since we all have some sort of virtual character sketches associated with professions.

I enjoy making pretty/interesting/tasty things, with shapes, words, code, tones, paint, vegetables and other edible items, and objects in general. If any of these things make someone (including me) go 😍 or 😮 or 🤔 or 😌, I consider them to have achieved their objective.

I like simplifying complex problems and finding elegant practical solutions that work for everyone.

Professionally, I started renting my time for money some eight years ago and since then, I've been employed as a nanotechnologist, a photonics design researcher, a software programmer, a web designer & developer, a science writer, and a pedagogy designer. I've also earned money selling smoothies and (thanks to the gig economy), my music.
I currently design learning experiences around games to build critical thinking and social emotional skills in young people.

Shoot me a mail or DM if you have a cool an idea that we could collaborate on!

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